1. Call our dedicated care team or make the arrangements online.
    • We provide you with an online checkout process to select your requirements.
    • You make a secure payment by credit card.
    • We make arrangements with you to bring your loved one into our care.
    • Your provide us with information about your loved one and sign the legal paperwork online, at your own convenience.
  2. We collect your loved one from their place of passing.
    • We look after them in a climate-controlled environment and carefully prepare them for cremation.
  3. We register the death and obtain copies of the death certificate upon your request.
    • We register the death in the county where your loved one passed away and apply for a cremation permit from the state. We can also obtain copies of the death certificate on your behalf, if requested.
  4. We return your loved one's cremated remains to any postal address, or you may pick it up at one of our facilities. 
    • If there is a special urn or keepsake, we can place your loved ones remains into those and have them ready for shipment or delivery.